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The eraser laser system is built out of a diode laser which emits a very special wave length of 1318 nm which was designed to meet the special requirements of parenchymal surgery. The laser power out is up to 150 Watt, a modern peltier cooling system was integrated combined with a sophisticated pure electronical control system and integrated into a robust and high-quality metal case.
The special wave length ensures low bleeding and due to gentle and safe surgery treatment. Due to the high power out, intervention times are short and there are enough power revserves for harder tissues. Thanks to excellent energy efficiency of latest diode technology the laser be powered at normal 230 Volt sockets. The TE cooling systems reduces the noise level of the device as well as the overall weight. It is robust, durable and due to the modular structure very reliable.
A central touchscreen represents the main user interface. Due to the laser is easy and fast to control. The electronical fiber control systems avoid handlung errors and increases the system safety. All connections are at ergonomic positions: net supply at the backside and the footswitch socket is place at the front side. 
There are special rolls and a handling bar to facilitate the transport of the device. Useful storage compartments were integrate to store accessories like fiber and goggles.
Surgical instruments, accessories 
There great variety of laser fibers and laser instruments that fit the requirements for every surgery done with the eraser. A large selection of different laser protection goggles is offered to the customers to meet the individual needs. For open surgery and for minimal-invasive surgery we offer two different specialized smoke evacuation systems which can be delivered together with the eraser system.  

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